Your Guide to the Driving Theory Test

In order to attain your driving license, there are two tests you have to take; the driving theory test, and the practical driving test. You can’t actually take your practical driving test until you’ve passed your theory. Furthermore, if you pass the theory test, but then don’t pass the practical within two years of this date, your theory certificate will actually expire and you will be required to take it again.


Those that are new to driving may not know an awful lot about the theory test, however it is actually quite important, and without taking it you won’t be able to progress in your driving. We wanted to tell you a little bit more about it and give you some tips on how to prepare and increase your chances of passing first time.


So, what is the theory test?

There are two parts to the driving theory test. Firstly, you have to answer a series of multiple choice questions, and then the second part of the test is hazard perception, where you will be shown clips of different driving scenarios and have to recognise the hazards. For the first part, you have to answer 50 multiple choice questions, and in order to pass, you must get 43 of these correct. With the hazard perception part, there will be 15 hazards over 14 clips, and you can score up to five points for each of them depending on how quickly you recognise them and click. So, this means there are a total of 75 points available, and you need 44 points to pass.

It is important as it’s essentially about understanding the rules of driving and being on the road, which is why you are required to pass it before you can then move onto the practical test. It covers everything from road signs, to various day-to-day scenarios you are faced with as a driver. Before starting your test, you will have the chance to take a short practice test so that you know what to expect and are fully prepared.


Best ways to prepare

The best way to prepare for your theory test, is to just revise. This can be done by reading the highway code and taking practice tests online. There are lots of apps and websites to help you along the way too. Once you have read the highway code and feel confident in your knowledge, take a practice test and see what score you get. We recommend that you take a few of these until you’re at a point where you’re passing every time and getting a high score, as this generally indicates that you are ready to take the real one.

It should be noted that you must take with you your provisional driving license to the theory test, otherwise you will not be allowed to take it. Furthermore, you can take your theory test at any point from the age of 17 as long as you have your provisional license. This can be before you start taking driving lessons.


What to do if you fail

There is no limit on how many times you can take your theory test. A lot of people find it pretty easy, and it is based around common sense so as long as you practice, and revise the highway code, it shouldn’t be very difficult to pass. However, if you do fail, you can rebook the test as soon as three working days after taking the original one.

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