What is the Purpose of a Black Box?

If you’re new to driving, or have recently passed your test and are looking into buying a car and how much the insurance is going to cost, you may have come across suggestions of having a black box. You will find that when looking at the prices of car insurance, it will be considerably less if you are to have a black box installed in the vehicle.

Statistics show that young people are the demographic most likely to be involved in road traffic accidents. This is often due to lack of experience because they are fairly new to driving. Having a black box makes people a lot more cautious and therefore sets them up for good driving habits in the future.


What is a black box?

A black box will basically monitor your driving. This means that it keeps track of things such as your speed, driving habits, harsh braking, acceleration, and also what times you are out driving. For example, some black box’s actually have a curfew, meaning that you are to avoid driving after a certain time at night, and before a certain time in the morning, and if you do, this will be detected and can deduct points from your overall driving score.


What is the purpose of a black box?

The purpose is to make the roads a safer place. If you have a black box, you become more aware and cautious of how you are driving, and it generally prevents you from speeding, or doing anything to lower your driving score. The black box essentially monitors everything you do, and uses this information to score you with points, all in different areas. For example, you can get marked on your speed, smoothness, and the sort of times you are out driving.


Why it’s a great option for young people

The most appealing thing about having a black box, is that it lowers the price of insurance by quite a lot of money. For young people, when they first pass their test and go on to insure their first car, the prices can be sky high and this demographic aren’t likely to be in a position where they are able to afford it. So, the option to have a black box installed is perfect, as it allows them to get a much cheaper quote. It also works well moving forward, because if you get a good driving score on your black box, this will take the price down even more in your next year of driving. This makes future quotes unique to your own driving style and habits, rather than generalising the age group that you fit into.


How it makes you a better driver

As we have already mentioned, having a black box tends to make people more cautious when they are driving. This means avoiding potential accidents, sticking to speed limits, driving more carefully. You can actually check your driving scores and reviews yourself by logging into your account where all the data and information is stored. This will allow you to view any weak points or things that need improving so that you can work on these and become a better driver.

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