Theory Test

The theory test is a multiple choice test, comprising 50 questions, which is taken using a touch screen computer. On the day of your theory test, make sure you bring your provisional driving license and suitable photographic ID. The test itself costs £31 to take.

In order to pass the theory test you must answer at least 43 questions correctly in 57 minutes. Questions will be selected at random and cover a variety of subjects, from driver attitude and traffic signs to the effects of alcohol, drugs and fatigue.

Most of the questions will require one answer to be selected, though some may ask for up to 4 of a possible 6 answers, make sure you read the question carefully before answering.


The hazard perception test is a part of the theory test and takes place a few minutes after the theory questions have been answered.

You will be shown thirteen clips of developing hazards, most of the videos contain one hazard but one will contain two. You will need to click your mouse button as soon as you see a hazard developing. Every scoring hazard has a marking window and you can get you up to five points if you respond early within that window, the longer it takes you to react, the lower your score. If you click outside of the marking window you will gain no points. You must resist the temptation to click continuously as excessive clicking will invalidate the question.

Remember, a hazard is anything which causes you to slow down, change direction or stop.

The hazard perception test was introduced to challenge and reduce the frequency of road casualties caused by dangerous driving. During your lessons your awareness of hazards will develop and this test ensures that you are careful from the very beginning.

Don't forget, you must pass both the theory and hazard perception sections of the theory test to pass and you cannot book a practical test without it.

If you have any questions, John will be happy to help.