Taking Care On the Road This Winter

Driving is something that requires a lot of care and precaution, however this is amplified during winter, when weather conditions take a turn for the worse and temperatures drop to freezing. Winter officially begins in just two weeks, and already we can see the impact it is starting to have, with black ice on the roads, and car windscreens being frozen over each morning. The brutal winter weather can be very dangerous when it comes to driving, and so it is vitally important that you know what precautions to take and how to stay safe on the roads. 

We have come up with a few tips on ways you can stay safe on the road this winter…


Know your braking distances

This is very important, as it can ultimately prevent collisions and incidents on the road. As weather conditions change, so do the braking distances we must adhere to. It is a general rule that when it is wet and rainy, our stopping distance should double. However, when it is icy on the roads, your stopping distance should increase by ten times in order to allow you to brake gently and stop carefully in plenty of time and avoid any incidents. Black ice on the road is incredibly dangerous, so it is very important that you adhere to these rules and allow yourself enough time to brake so that you don’t brake too harshly or collide with the car in front of you. 


Do you have enough tread on your tyres?

As we break into winter, the roads become icy, and therefore much more slippery and dangerous. Because of this, you need to ensure that you have enough tread on your tyres to maximise grip and keep you safe on the roads. You can get your tread checked ahead of winter as well as your tyre pressure in order to make sure your vehicle is safe and prepared for the weather conditions. 


Keep necessities in your car

As the winter weather is unpredictable at times, you should always be prepared to deal with the worst case scenario. If you were to break down during the winter, or get caught in standstill traffic due to an accident perhaps, it is important that you are prepared with the essentials. This includes things like food and water, as well as blankets and extra layers to keep you warm. 


Only drive when necessary

When the weather gets a little more severe, it is advised that you avoid driving unless completely necessary, ie going to work. Being on the roads when it is icy or snowy is dangerous, so you must avoid putting yourself at risk and only drive when it is compulsory to do so. Furthermore, keep an eye on weather warnings. If advised not to drive at all, you should adhere to this as it is within the best interest of your safety. 


Adjust your speed in line with the weather conditions

When the weather is bad, you should drive slowly, and take extra care and precaution in everything you do. Even if you are driving on a 30mph road for example, this does not mean you should drive at this speed if it is not safe to do so. Reduce your speed and take extra care on the road this winter. 

These are just a few tips for staying safe on the road throughout winter. If you would like to know more or have any questions, simply get in touch via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.

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