Refresher Lessons

Refresher Driving Tutition in Inverness

If you haven't been behind the wheel for some time, whether you're a novice driver who stopped learning or a qualified driver who hasn't been out on the road for a while, taking refresher driving lessons in Inverness with John Finnigan Driving Tuition is the best way to pick up where you left off and increase your confidence.

Even if you have been driving since the day you passed your test, there may be a few aspects of driving which cause you problems. For example, if you're uncomfortable when joining roundabouts, John can banish those worries and boost your self-confidence, ensuring you join both easily and safely.

For some, manoeuvring a vehicle at slow speeds can be more troublesome than tackling the most complicated route. If you find it difficult to perform a reverse manoeuvre or have trouble tackling a bay park, these are issues where your technique just needs a little adjustment to expel your fears. John has been a fully qualified DSA approved driving instructor since 2007 and has been driving for many years, he has the patience and understanding to ensure that you restore your faith in yourself and help you to enjoy driving again.

If you would like to arrange refresher driving lessons anywhere in Inverness, including Cradlehall, Smithton, Culloden, Balloch, Ardersier, Croy, Daviot, Dores, Lochend, Bunchrew, Lentran and North Kessock, all you need to do is give John Finnigan a call and he'll have you back on the open road in no time.