Pass Plus

Pass Plus Driving Lessons in Inverness

They say you start learning to drive when you rip up those 'L' plates and to an extent this is true. If you have recently passed your practical test and have been out on the road for the first time, you will appreciate how daunting it can feel to drive alone.

There are aspects of driving which cannot be covered during your beginners' lessons but, now you are a qualified driver, you are more than welcome to tackle. For example, did you have the opportunity to drive at night? Have you been on both urban and country roads? Have you faced up to the challenge of driving on the motorway?

These are all part and parcel of driving and, if you feel you would like to experience them with a qualified driving instructor by your side, John Finnigan Driving Tuition will happily guide you through a Pass Plus course. The government-backed course is designed to take you through six practical modules, each lasting one hour.

The modules are:

  • Town driving

  • Rural roads

  • All weather driving

  • Night driving

  • Dual carriageways

  • Motorways

There is no test at the end; you simply have to prove to your instructor that you have reached the required standard. By completing the Pass Plus course you will be able to enhance your driving skills, increase your confidence and certain insurance providers may even offer you a discount on the cost of your insurance.