Intensive Courses Are Very Popular, But Why?

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Intensive courses, otherwise known as ‘crash courses’, are a very popular preference among lots of learner drivers. They say that on average, people usually require around 40 hours of practice before they’re ready to take their test. Of course, this differs depending on the pupils’ ability to drive and how quickly they pick things up, but generally speaking, you need this amount of lessons.

With an intensive course, this simply means that these hours are condensed into a shorter time frame and so are done all at once as opposed to one hour per week.


Time is of the essence

A lot of young people eagerly await the day they are able to start driving lessons, as they want to pass their test and get on the road with their own independence as soon as possible. Intensive courses are designed to make this much more achievable as it is simply a more speedy process for learners.

They’re done in a condensed time frame, yet still cover all of the same requirements that would occur in regular lessons. So, if you’re in a hurry and want to get your hands on a full driving license, intensive courses are the way to go!

They help to maintain more focus

Intensive courses can actually be more effective as you’re focused and don’t have one week intervals where you may lose interest or concentration. Having periods of time between driving lessons allows time for you to forget things, or means that you may need to settle back into the car and driving again.

If a learner forgets things they’ve been practicing from one week to the next, this may result in wasted time having to go over it and learn all over again. If you add up the time spent doing this in a standard weekly, hour long lesson, it doesn’t actually leave as much time to cover new things and progress as quickly as you could be doing.

Furthermore, it’s also easier for the instructor to remember the pupils progress with intensive courses. If there are one week intervals where the instructor is teaching lots of other people, it can sometimes be difficult for them to fully remember where the learner is up to. As a result, the beginning of every lesson could be spent recapping the previous week.

They allow you to move on more quickly

Learning to drive over a short period of time may appeal to you more than learning over months on end. If you average driving lessons out at 1-2 hours a week, it can take a pretty long time for you to get to the point where you’re ready to take your test. Intensive courses are of course more costly upfront as you are paying for the hours all at once, however it can sometimes work out slightly cheaper than paying for a block of lessons, or once every week.

Intensive courses usually start from as little as seven days, but it all depends on you and your ability to drive. There is no guarantee that you will take your test when the intensive course is over. If the instructor doesn’t think you are ready, you will not be able to take your test and must have more practice until you are at the point where you’re ready – which is of course the same for normal driving lessons.



Overall, intensive courses are the perfect solution for those who want to learn to drive as quickly as possible. They are a great, cost effective way to get your license quickly and here at John Finnigan School of Motoring, we offer the chance for pupils to take an intensive course. To find out more, get in touch on 01463 230 812 or 07736 948 021, or you can enquire via email at

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